How to use a Joomla! wrapper

A wrapper or iframe is usually used to insert content from an external website into the body of your web page.

Using a module

If you want to insert the same content into multiple pages, Joomla! has a wrapper module which will be ideal for the task.

  • Log in to the backend of your site
  • Go to Extensions > Modules
  • Click New, then from the selection of module types select Wrapper
  • Name and configure your module, specifying the source URL and module position
  • You have the option of setting the pages where you want the wrapper to appear under the Menu Assignment tab
  • Remember to set the status to published and then save the module



Inserting a wrapper or iframe into the body of your article

If you want to insert your wrapper or iframe into the body of your article and are using the default Joomla! editor (TinyMCE), click the Source code icon in the editor toolbar and paste in your raw HTML.









If you are using JCE as your editor, there is also a source code icon in the toolbar where you can paste your raw HTML, or there’s an iframe addon available with the paid JCE subscription which will generate your HTML code for you.




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